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Verbena is now hiring Licensed Therapists!
*You must be a licensed massage therapist in the state of CT in order to apply

The Position:

Here we grow! We’re looking to hire experienced Licensed Massage Therapists. We are currently looking to fill the following shifts:

  • Monday's from 9:00am-3:00pm

  • Saturday from 9:00am-3:00pm (minimum of 1 Saturday per month)

  • Per diem Therapists who can fill in upon request or for special events (*evening and weekend availability is a must)


"I’ve been a massage therapist for almost 14 years; finding Verbena 2.5 years ago has allowed me to grow as a practitioner. There’s educational opportunities to help further your skill sets, you learn what true team work is between co workers and open communication is a priority between employees and bosses.

The environment at Verbena is warm and welcoming; not only for clients but for the employees as well. Unlike many other facilities, the bosses respect our input, support us when we need it, and show us true compassion. As a family owned business you truly do get treated like you are family to them"


Why Work at Verbena:

Hi there! I'm Julie Wallace, proud owner of Verbena Holistic Center. I'm 
thrilled that you’re here and that you’re considering a position at Verbena! I would love to share a little more about myself, as well as what makes Verbena stand out as a workplace.


First, a little bit about the Spa and our mission... Verbena is a warm and welcoming Spa offering holistic healing modalities infused with modern luxury. Our intention is to provide alternative methods for healing, stress relief, and pain management in a beautiful, clean, and luxurious space. My staff and I believe in the healing powers of massage, reflexology, energy work, and other holistic modalities - and we aim to educate and support our clients in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle.
Our passion is creating unique and innovative services that are both
luxurious and therapeutic. 


Next, a little bit more about the culture and experience as an employee… First, and foremost, I'm a mother of four amazing children and see my employees as an extension of my family. It’s important that my employees feel safe, supported, heard, and well-cared for.

  • We are warm and compassionate workplace and I manage with my heart.

  • I care deeply about your success as a Therapist/Esthetician and go above and beyond to help ensure that your schedule stays full.

  • Verbena provides plenty of continuing education and support.

  • Our products are the highest quality available, and we use organic and vegan products whenever possible. This is not only healthier for our clients, but also for our therapists and estheticians.

  • We are dedicated to making our Spa as safe and sanitary as possible. This was important prior to covid, but is especially significant after the pandemic. Each room is set up with high quality MERV filters including UV lighting (ensuring that the air is filtered and cleansed throughout the duration of your shift); our HVAC system is also fitted with MERV filters which help to filter bacteria and viruses out of the air. Overall, the working environment is both clean and serene.


If you are interested in the shifts mentioned above, please fill out the form listed below. We will be in touch soon.

I look forward to meeting you! 

- Julie Wallace


“I have worked at Verbena for over 3 years now and I can honestly say that it has been a great experience. Julie, Bethany and Morgan have created a great space for us therapists, and it is one of the few jobs I have had that truly is a drama free work environment. The staff and clientele are both amazing and the spa itself it one of the most beautiful that I have had the pleasure of working in.” 


Prerequisites for applying:

  • Must have an up to date Massage Therapy License in the State of CT. 

  • We are looking to fill the following shifts:

    • Every Monday from 9:00am-3:00pm

    • One Saturday per month from 9:00am-3:00pm

    • Per diem Therapists who can fill in upon request or for special events (*evening and weekend availability is a must)

  • We require at least one year of experience. 

Ready to Apply? 

You must be a licensed massage therapist in order to be considered. Please take some time to fill out the application below. An owner will reach out to you within 2 business days after receiving your application. Thanks so much for your interest! 


I’ve worked for Verbena since they opened their doors back in the summer of 2017. I had previously worked as a massage therapist at a few other places but none of them ever felt like the right fit for me. Until Verbena. From the moment I had my interview and saw the space (before it had even undergone its miraculous makeover to become the gorgeous oasis it is today!) I knew it felt like home immediately. It felt like a place I could work and thrive, working for and with people that really knew what a space of healing and wellness should be. And that’s exactly the experience I’ve had. The ladies that run this spa and the people who work alongside me in this space are more than just my friends, they have basically become a second family. The same goes for many of my clients too! And I’m forever grateful that I get to spend much of my time here. So if you’re a fellow healer or simply an interested client, join our team! And join our family. ;)




Please answer the following questions, 

Are you licensed to practice massage in the State of CT?
DAYTIME AVAILABILITY (check all of the days below that you're available between 8:45am - 3pm. Be sure to review pre-requisites and desired shifts before applying!)
EVENING AVAILABILITY (check all of the days below that you're available between 4:15pm - 8pm. Be sure to review pre-requisites and desired shifts before applying!).
Are you certified in any of the following?
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