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Treat yourself to some extra love and care with the perfect Valentine escape at Verbena. Our exclusive Valentine Soak & Salt session includes a 30-minute copper pot foot soak in a milk & honey detox salt blend and organic rose petals. It’s followed by a calming 35-minute halotherapy salt room session, where you can recline and relax to experience the therapeutic benefits of salt-infused air.

A sparkling prosecco cocktail ( 21 and over ) will enhance your spa experience or if you prefer, a non alcoholic beverage will also be available, Make it a priority to celebrate the season of love and friendship with our Valentine Soak & Salt session. Up to four guests per session. 



Sink back into a leather chair and savor a blissful 30-minute foot soak in a copper pot infused with our custom detoxifying mineral blend. Personalize your experience with an herbal pack of your choice — a calming blend of lavender, rose petals and chamomile; soothing oats, comfrey, and calendula; or invigorating lemongrass, green tea, and peppermint. Copper pots have been used for centuries for their natural healing benefits. As you soak, you’ll absorb trace amounts of minerals leaving you and your feet relaxed, refreshed and renewed. A self-warming carafe of hot water and cup of organic herbal detox tea completes your experience.


Combine your foot detox  with a 35-minute salt room session for optimal, detoxifying benefits.

30 Minutes for $40 (not including Salt Room. For Salt Room cost & details click here)


This unique combination of Himalayan Sea Salt therapy and Reflexology, will release tension, detoxify your body, and bring healing to your mind and spirit. A beautiful copper pot is first filled with steaming water, Himalayan Sea Salt, and a custom blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils. In a peaceful candlelit room, you’ll be invited to relax and soak your feet in this soothing blend. Himalayan Sea Salt will draw out toxins, relax cramped muscles, and replenish your body’s store of trace minerals. Essential oils will provide aromatherapy to relieve stress and invigorate your spirit. Once this soak is complete, you’ll receive a Reflexology session tailored for your unique needs. Throughout this 45-minute session, gentle pressure will be applied to specific points along the feet.  By utilizing a blend Massage and Acupressure, your Therapist will tap into reflexes and zones on the feet which correspond to specific glands and organs throughout your body – in order to promote total body healing. Come experience this luxurious Verbena treatment!

60 Minutes for $85


We are no longer requiring masks however, masks are strongly recommended for those who are immune compromised. Please reschedule your service if you are feeling under the weather. 

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