A soothing experience designed to relieve muscle and joint tension, dissolve stress, and promote overall wellbeing. Your experience begins with a detailed consultation to determine the techniques and pressure most appropriate for your needs. A blend of various massage approaches will be drawn upon to create your custom experience, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and acupressure. Organic products are used to encourage health and wellness. A hot towel compress is placed on the back to calm your mind, and ease aches
and strains. 

60 Minutes for $85  |  90 Minutes for $125 


The Stress Relief Massage is completely dedicated to releasing stress and tension from your body, mind, and spirit, and restoring you to a state of balance and harmony. A soft candlelit room, and soothing music transport you away from the stresses of everyday life. Therapeutic massage techniques are utilized to dissolve tension from your muscles. Extra time is spent on the neck, head, and shoulders – an especially common area for stress and tension to manifest. Our signature hot towel compress is applied to the back to promote a sense of comfort and calm. 

60 Minutes for $85  |  90 Minutes for $125


Our Plant Essence Massage draws upon the ancient techniques of aromatherapy and plant medicine to balance your body, soothe emotions, and promote restoration. After a detailed consultation, your therapist will select a blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils chosen for your unique needs. Various massage techniques are utilized to break down knots, improve circulation, and promote total-body relaxation. The use of pure flower and plant aromas throughout the massage will invigorate your senses and bring you into a state of rest and tranquility. 

60 Minutes for $92  |  90 Minutes for $135


The Verbena-30 Massage is a highly targeted massage, offered in a time-friendly 30 minutes. Your experience begins with a brief consultation, followed by a luxurious 30-minute massage tailored precisely for your needs. Perfect for those who would prefer to focus on a specific area of the body rather than receiving a full-body massage; or for those with a limited schedule. Come take a short respite away from the world, and cultivate relaxation and wellbeing.

30 Minutes for $45



Choose from any of our Signature Massage Packages, and share the experience with a loved one, partner, or friend. Massage tables are positioned next to one another, and two therapists work at once to provide each of you with a fully customized and luxurious experience, that will soothe tension and cultivate a sense of harmony and wellbeing.

Bring warmth, balance, and grounding to your body and soul with our luxurious Essence of Autumn massage. According to the ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic Medicine, Autumn is known as the Season of “Vata” or “air” energy. In this special Verbena massage, you’ll receive a blend of techniques chosen specifically to bring balance to the airy energy of Autumn, and provide you with a sense of grounding, comfort, and calm. 


A custom Aromatherapy blend of Lavender, Clary Sage, and Palo Santo essential oils will be utilized throughout the massage to invigorate your senses and cultivate balance. A variety of massage techniques will be drawn upon to break down knots and relieve tension. Our signature hot towel compress will be placed on each of your feet to soothe and relax your muscles, and extra time will be spent spent massaging the feet and ankles to promote a sense of grounding. 

60 Minutes for $92

Act quickly - This limited-edition Service will only be available through November 23.