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It is officially Winter, which means it's time to introduce our Winter Services at Verbena! We have some amazing services lined up to help you embrace the new season.


Escape the winter blues with our Winter Warmer Massage. Relax and unwind as our skilled therapists use hot Himalayan salt stones and a warming lotion infused with organic cinnamon essential oil for an all-over soothing experience. The heat from the stones will ease your mind, relax muscles, improve circulation, and release knots and tension. Organic menthol crystals and the salt stones aid in re-mineralizing the body, relieving muscle cramps, and enhancing overall well-being. After your session, take home a complimentary gift set with organic hot cinnamon tea and a travel-sized soy candle with notes of Cyprus, evergreen, balsam, cedar, and lemon peel.

60 Minutes for $105 


Treat yourself to some extra love and care with the perfect Valentine escape at Verbena. Our exclusive Valentine Soak & Salt session includes a 30-minute copper pot foot soak in a milk & honey detox salt blend and organic rose petals. It’s followed by a calming 35-minute halotherapy salt room session, where you can recline and relax to experience the therapeutic benefits of salt-infused air.

A sparkling prosecco cocktail ( 21 and over ) will enhance your spa experience or if you prefer, a non alcoholic beverage will also be available, Make it a priority to celebrate the season of love and friendship with our Valentine Soak & Salt session. Up to four guests per session. 


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