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We are no longer requiring masks however, masks are strongly recommended for those who are immune compromised. Please reschedule your service if you are feeling under the weather. 


A soothing experience designed to relieve muscle and joint tension, dissolve stress, and promote overall wellbeing. Your experience begins with a detailed consultation to determine the techniques and pressure most appropriate for your needs. A blend of various massage approaches will be drawn upon to create your custom experience, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and acupressure. Organic products are used to encourage health and wellness. A hot towel compress is placed on the back to calm your mind, and ease aches
and strains. 

60 Minutes for $95  |. 90 Minutes for $142

Add on to your Signature Massage for an extra dose of luxury + healing ]

NEW! Cupping Add On

Elevate your massage with our Cupping Add-On! Our skilled therapists strategically place cups to target tension. The gentle suction stimulates circulation, releases muscle knots, and promotes deep relaxation. Enjoy the therapeutic benefits, letting tension melt away in areas that need it most. | Cost is $15

EARTH: Warming Foot Treatment
[ create balance + stability ]

This healing add-on includes a Warming Foot Treatment designed to cultivate a sense of grounding and stability. Your Therapist will spend extra time on the feet and ankles, and will utilize gentle reflexology and massage. Our nourishing organic massage cream will be applied to the feet to hydrate and heal. Finally, each of your feet will be enveloped in one of our luxurious heated foot wraps as your Massage is completed. Relax and let go while the warmth from these heated booties soothes tension and dissolves stress. | Cost is $10. 

FIRE: Hot Himalayan Salt Stone Infusion

[ create warmth + radiance ]

This luxurious add-on includes 10 minutes of Hot Himalayan Salt Stones on the back, in order to melt away stress and soothe your body. The heat delivered with each passing of the stones will calm your mind and spirit, soften your muscles, and improve circulation – providing greater relief for knots and tension. The stones are detoxifying in nature, and have been shown to help remineralize the body - relieving muscle cramps and restoring harmony. | Cost is $10

AIR: Uplifting Scalp and Brow Treatment

[ create lightness + joy ]

This uplifting add on features a luxurious scalp and brow treatment. First, a warm towel compress will be placed over the brow to dissolve stress and promote relaxation. Next, your therapist will offer a deeply relaxing temple, brow, and scalp massage featuring our organic rose blush facial oil. This exquisite oil features certified organic ingredients, and is designed to give the skin a bright new glow, replenish hydration, and improve elasticity. Its soft and romantic scent will invoke a sense of lightness and joy. | Cost is $10

WATER: Cooling Spa Treatment

[ create clarity + calm ]

Our Water Element Add-On is designed to cool, hydrate, and calm. You’ll receive a soothing hand treatment featuring massage and acupressure on the hands and arms. Our nourishing massage cream will be utilized to hydrate and heal. Each of your hands will then be enveloped in a soft and comforting terry cloth mitt designed to lock in moisture while the rest of your massage is completed. To finish, our Organic Cucumber Hydrosol will be gently misted onto your arms and hands, offering a crisp and refreshing aroma and a gentle boost for the skin. | Cost is $10


The Stress Relief Massage is completely dedicated to releasing stress and tension from your body, mind, and spirit; and restoring you to a state of balance and harmony. A soft candlelit room, and soothing music transport you away from the stresses of everyday life. You’ll then receive a full body massage, featuring a therapeutic stress-relief treatment on the upper back, and shoulders–an especially common area for stress and tension to manifest. Our high quality Arnica Massage Cream will be utilized on the upper body in order to promote healing and reduce inflammation. This luxurious cream is crafted with a powerful blend of Ginger Root and Arnica. Ginger Root includes over forty antioxidant compounds, Vitamins A, C, E, and K, and is known for its ability to relieve inflammation and pain; while Arnica is a medicinal herb renowned for its ability to reduce muscle aches and tension. Relax and let go as this nourishing cream is massaged into the muscles, releasing knots and melting away tension. Next, our heated Himalayan Salt Stones will be placed on the upper back–providing warmth for your body and soul as the remainder of your massage is completed. The heat will soften your muscles and improve circulation, while the gentle weight of the stones will soothe your nervous system and promote a sense of comfort and calm. You will complete your experience feeling rested and rejuvenated!

60 Minutes for $100 |  90 Minutes for $150

Member Rates - Option to upgrade to 60 min Stress Relief for just $5



Relax and unwind in a candlelit room, as your therapist provides a luxurious massage with heated, Himalayan Salt Stones. The benefits of heat, combined with the healing properties of Himalayan Salt will offer your mind and body a highly relaxing and deeply therapeutic experience. Our 100% pure Himalayan Salt Stones are certified organic and were responsibly sourced and imported directly from Pakistan. Prior to your visit, the Salt Stones will be heated to a soothing and comfortable temperature. Your therapist will use the heated Salt Stones as an extension of their hands in order to massage the muscles and melt away tension. The heat delivered with each passing of Stones will calm your mind and spirit, soften your muscles, and improve circulation – providing greater relief for knots and tension. Additionally, the Salt Stones contain 84 essential minerals and nutrients (such as magnesium, potassium, and calcium, just to name a few!).  As the warm Stones glide over your skin, trace minerals are absorbed – which has been shown to re-mineralize the body, relieve muscle cramps and tension, and restore health and wellbeing. The Salt Stones are naturally anti-microbial, provide a light exfoliation, and alkalize the skin – leading to softer, smoother skin. The result is a luxurious and deeply calming experience for your body, mind, and spirit! 

60 Minutes for $105   |  90 Minutes for $157  

Member Upgrade Fees: Upgrade to 60 min. Salt Stone for $15 


The Verbena-30 Massage is a highly targeted massage, offered in a time-friendly 30 minutes. Your experience begins with a brief consultation, followed by a luxurious 30-minute massage tailored precisely for your needs. Perfect for those who would prefer to focus on a specific area of the body rather than receiving a full-body massage; or for those with a limited schedule. Come take a short respite away from the world, and cultivate relaxation and wellbeing.

30 Minutes for $50


Choose from any of our Signature Massage Packages, and share the experience with a loved one, partner, or friend. Massage tables are positioned next to one another, and two therapists work at once to provide each of you with a fully customized and luxurious experience, that will soothe tension and cultivate a sense of harmony and wellbeing.

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