We are excited to share that our schedule is growing, and we're in need of talented Massage Therapists to join our team! If you know of any Therapists that would be a great fit for Verbena, please send them our way. If they apply for the position, you'll receive a FREE $15 Verbena Credit! *Applicants must be licensed massage therapists in the state of CT in order for credit to apply* A link to our application can be found below. Please ask that the applicant specifies your name under the "How did you hear about this position" section so that we can issue you your credit!



As the Autumnal Season makes its arrival, we are thrilled to introduce our newest Seasonal Service: the Root & Rise Fall Chakra Massage. 


According to ancient Eastern philosophy, the Chakras are spinning whirlpools of energy located along the spinal meridian. The first of these Chakras, known as the Root Chakra, governs our sense of security and grounding. When this Chakra is out of balance we might feel scattered, unstable, fatigued, or stuck. The Fall Season beckons us back to our roots and offers the perfect chance to slow down, turn inwards, and restore balance within this energy center. Our Root & Rise Spa Treatment offers a luxurious experience designed to create harmony within your Root Chakra, and provide a sense of grounding and stability.


Your treatment will begin with a warming Himalayan Foot Soak. A beautiful copper pot will be filled with steaming water, followed by a detoxifying blend of Himalayan Sea Salt and Epsom Salt, as well as our Fall Cedarwood Essential oil. Unwind and soak your feet in this healing blend as sea salt draws out toxins and remineralizes the body, and the sweet and woodsy aroma of Cedarwood settles you back down to your roots.


You will then receive a 45 minute full body massage, designed to dissolve tension, break down knots, and cultivate wellbeing. Our healing Ginger Root and Arnica massage cream will be utilized on the feet to ease aches and pains and promote a sense of grounding. Ginger Root includes over forty antioxidant compounds, Vitamins A, C, E, and K, and is known for its ability to relieve inflammation and pain. Hot towels will then be wrapped around each of the feet to provide a sense of comfort and calm.


To complete your spa experience, you’ll receive a complimentary Root Chakra Ritual Kit to take home. This kit includes a packet of loose leaf Root Chakra Tea (featuring warming fall flavors such as cinnamon bark and cloves), a Rose + Sandalwood Bath Salt set crafted by Nectar Republic, and instructions for creating your very own at-home spa chakra ritual to enjoy throughout the Fall Season!

60 Minutes for $95 (includes the complimentary Root Chakra Ritual Kit to take home!)


Grab 3 of your closest friends and come get your happy on in the Salt Room this Fall! Every Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evening at 6pm we’ll be hosting a Salt Room Happy Hour Session. Sit back and relax in a comfortable recliner chair, and sip on a delicious Fall beverage (cost of the session includes your choice of either bubbly Red Sangria, Shipyard Pumpkin Head beer, Downeast Hard Cider, or non-alcoholic seltzer water). The warm glow of Himalayan Salt will help to soothe your mind and body, as our state of the art Halogenerator System gently grinds and disperses pharmaceutical-grade salt into the air. The room will soon be softly enveloped with salt air creating a therapeutic effect for the skin and respiratory system. You’ll end your session feeling relaxed and rejuvenated! Sessions are 35 minutes in length.

Learn more about the Salt Room (including benefits, contraindications, covid protocols,
and FAQ's) by clicking here!

Cost per group is just $99 - including a 35 minute session and your choice of either bubbly red sangria, shipyard pumpkin head beer, downeast hard cider, or non-alcoholic seltzer water. Max capacity per group is 4 people. Please note that pro-rating is not available, and the rate of $99 remains the same whether you fill one seat or all four.