The Air Package:

Create lightness + joy

The Air Package was designed to inspire lightness, curiosity, and joy. This beautifully packaged set comes wrapped and ready for gifting, and includes all of the following:


60 Minute Signature Massage:

Our Signature Massage is a soothing experience designed to relieve muscle and joint tension, dissolve stress, and promote overall wellbeing. Your experience begins with a detailed consultation to determine the techniques and pressure most appropriate for your needs. A blend of various massage approaches will be drawn upon to create your custom experience, including Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, and acupressure. Organic products are used to encourage health and wellness. A hot towel compress is placed on the back to calm your mind, and ease aches and strains. 


Relax Essential Oil Blend:

In addition you’ll receive a soothing Relax Essential Oil Roll-On, crafted by Floracopeia. This at-home aromatherapy blend supports the Air Element within you - creating a sense of lightness and peace. It offers a supportive blend of high quality, wild-crafted essential oils that will instantly create a sense of serenity and inner peace. Carry it with you in your purse, pocket, or desk, and create a soothing retreat in the middle of a fast-paced day. Apply it to your temples, palms, or the insides of your wrists - then, take a deep inhale and allow a sense of calm and serenity to wash over you. 


Nikhila Spirited Soap Bar - Air

This luxurious handcrafted soap was designed to harness the power of the elements. Naturally charged combinations of herbs, oils, and locally generated extracts offer an ideal balance of purity and fragrance. This soap bar embraces the element Air - Brilliant & Curious. With its signature orange and white marble swirl, this bar fuels the spirit with natural scents and properties of bergamot, palmarosa, and ylang ylang. Bars are protected in clear plastic wrap with a paper sleeve over the top.Your Soap Bar is cruelty free, fair trade, sustainable, and hand made. 

The Air Package

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  • All Gift Sets come wrapped and ready for gifting - including a beautifully designed cardstock insert outlining the contents of the gift.

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